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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Caribbean
Occupation: Overlord (You must spawn more of me)

Everyone starts somewhere

Current Residence: New York
Favorite genre of music: Rock
Favorite cartoon character: Samurai Jack
Personal Quote: Some people just need a hug

Sorry if I don't say thank you for any Favs and Follows I realized that I'm really bad at keeping up with those, but I will always try to respond to messages and comments as soon as possible
I'm really not very good at posting things or responding to people, I will sit on images I have taken and edited for months for no real reason....
I just wanted to say anyone who watched me or faved my stuff, Thank you
It is very much appreciated and its really nice for me to know that people actually like my work

Everything for me is up in the air at the moment, I am currently trying to get a workshop together and am putting all my money toward tools and supplies, I really love prop making and want to take it so much farther than I have. (this has lead to me gaining 20 pounds >.> due to stress and lack of good food choices)

I really hope that you all love the things I make in the coming months, at the moment I have many projects I am working on/want to work on/ have laying around. SOOOOOOoooooo....

My goal is to finish at least 3/4 of the projects I'm currently working on and have laying around before the end of the year:

This includes:
 photo IMG_0074_zps88439845.jpg
Black Gold Saw's Gold Saw Sword... wow thats a mouthful,
for my good friend :iconguyaricankitten:
This is close to completion I would just really like to find a way to lighten it up, Its made of foam and fiber glass, and its not bad from the middle but when you hold it from the handle forget about it, very top heavy.... and if I have issue holding it up she will

 photo IMG_0082_zps1e330eb1.jpg
Saix's Claymore for my love :iconchikipuffs:
I haven't done anything with this because the cosplay was put on hold but it has been sitting in my workshop getting all sorts of banged up and I would like to finish it soon to keep it safe, not to mention seeing kingdom hearts 3 really inspired me to finish

 photo IMG_0077_zpsbfd44846.jpg
 photo IMG_0079_zps21b6aa55.jpg
Shuang Dao (Blue Spirit Swords)
I have been remaking these as a side project, The Blue Spirit was my first "official" cosplay and I never really liked how it came out. But now that I know a lot more I want to take another crack at it and the first step was to remake these swords, they are more or less finished and I just got the sheath working properly so I'm hopefully for a really good final product

 photo IMG_0092_zpsd080e3c9.jpg
Trafalgar Law Beating Heart Prop
This little guy needs to find his way back into a box, I used floral arrangement gel the last time, never having used it before thinking that it would be somewhat tear resistant...... boy was I WRONG, the heart was separating, falling out and the gel was just crumbling to peaces. So I want to get this guy back into a box and fill it with something clear and strong. I think I have an idea for it but I wont say till it works

 photo IMG_0086_zps54bc0a8c.jpg
 photo IMG_0090_zps3a2c6593.jpg
Archers Swords Kanshou and Bakuya for another friend of mine(I dont think he has a DA)
I am new to mold making and I SUCK at it, I'm learning slowly, but I am the type of person who learns through trial and error..... and its an expensive thing to get wrong......
I made a brush on mold for this sword, but I believe I didn't make it thick enough seeing how the sides keep falling it when i try to cast, I will have to try again but I am always nervous about failure cause like I said, its an expensive thing to get wrong

 photo IMG_0085_zpsdff04964.jpg
Kunai for :iconguyaricankitten:
I have been sitting on this one for a long time, I made this way back when I was first starting out.
Recently I had refinished it in order to cast it again and make some better copies but it broke so I gave up on it for a while but I would really like to get this fixed up and casted so I can give :iconguyaricankitten: a better copy, the one she has now is made of fiberglass resin and chips like crazy

 photo IMG_0089_zps4191d363.jpg
Org 13 coat bobble thing
I made this a while back as well to test out my sculpting skill, I think it came out really well and I recently figured out how to get a good cast out it so I am excited to get some of these painted up an ready for a cloak

 photo IMG_0087_zps2dd3592f.jpg
MLP Ears and Horn, I would love to get a little feed back on these actually, I think they came out well, there are still a few things I have to do them but look out for some MLP cosplay with these attached to them and a little extra

Last but not least,
 photo IMG_0084_zps818b86c4.jpg
More Cammy Gauntlets
I took this as a commission again, making them in a different way this time, should take much less time like this, I just hope she will like them by the time I'm done

So if you made it this far YAY and thank you I know this was very (TL;DR) but at least it had pictures XD, I want to try to put more up, even if its just a small thing just to keep current, thank you again anyone who actually read all of this and :heart:

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jaaake Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
you live in nyc? ok, so i gotta ask, do you have facebook? i live in nyc too, lol. i hope you don't mind me bothering you all the time, lol. i'm used to have my mom helping me with my costumes and now that i left my country i have to figure it out how to make it without her.
aaanyway! i love how you make your cammy gauntlet and i really wanna try that but at the moment i have no time. ): how would you recomend a easy and not long way to make one? i thought about using foam and then insulating foam but i don't know if it would work.
i really appreciate your patiance and your amazing work! <3
skybullet Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
I do live in New York for now(I am trying to move somewhere more affordable)
I have a facebook I use with my friends for our cosplay nonsense
Its ok I'm happy to help with ideas and what not, You could always make a foam Gauntlet, the only problem you run into is banging it into objects around a con.
I remember the first Gauntlets I ever made where done with two pieces of PVC pipe and some bondo(thought you could use some epoxy clay instead) You could try that method if you would like. I don't have any pictures to show unfortunately since this was before I started documenting my process
jaaake Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
hey! is it ok to ask what materials do you use to make cammy's gauntlets? thank you so much and congrats on your great work!
skybullet Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
jaaake Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
thanks and i'm sorry for a late reply. i wanted to know what did you cast? since it's just a cast you must have made a first model. i wanna know how did you make THAT one. thanks again!
skybullet Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
I tried out a method used by Volpin Props for my most current Cammy gauntlets.

-I started out by building a sort of skeleton out of MDF
-Then I filled in the gaps with Pink Insulation foam and Glued it in place with "liquid nails"
-After that I shaped it with a utility knife and some sand paper
- Then I used bondo to clean up the sides and while that dried I made the plate that goes on top of it in MDF and I casted it to make a plastic copy that I could curve.
- After that I attached the Plate, Primed, and sanded to a very fine grit to get ready for molding.

Hope it helps
iKanji Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist
This a bit late, but thanks for joining :iconcosplayaddiction:! :iconninjaglompplz:
skybullet Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks for letting me join ^w^
howlingwind14 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Thank you for the watch! =D
skybullet Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
No problem at all
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